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Una Jankov (Novi Sad, 1993) is a set and costume designer. She finished her BA studies in Scene, architecture, technique and design at the Faculty of Technical sciences in Novi Sad, Serbia, in following year she finished a Master of Arts at the same university. In year 2020 she finished a second Master of Arts programme at Technical University in Berlin: Bühnenbild_Szenischer Raum (Scenography and Set design). For her graduation she presented a spatial installation. She has worked as a set and costume designer and as an assistant in following Theaters: Maxim Gorki Theater, Theater Chemnitz, GostenHoftheater Nürnberg, Belgrade Drama Theater, Landesbühne Sachsen, etc. Currently she is working as a set design assistant in Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin.


Nationaltheater Mannheim / October 2022

Directing / Branko Janack 

Costume designer 


Mother Tongue

Maxim Gorki Theater / 2022

Directing / Lola Arias 

Set design / Mariana Tirantte 

Set design assistant 

Ground Control

Maxim Gorki Theater / 2022

Directing / Mirko Borscht 

Set design / Alissa Kolbusch 

Set design assistant 


Maxim Gorki Theater / 2022

Directing / Nora Abdel-Maksoud

Set Design / Moïra Gilliéron

Set design assistant  

In the jaws of life 

Belgrade drama theatre / 2021 

Directing / Andrej Nosov 

Set designer

I do the same job bleeding

GostnerHoftheater / Nürnberg / 2021

Concept and text / Nina Vieten 

Set and costume designer 

Dark Room Revisited / Pugs in love festival - queer week 2021

Maxim Gorki Theater / 2021

Director / Paul Spittler

Set and costume designer / Cleo Niemeyer 

Set and costume assistant

A short history of burgers and other things

DAS Theatre / Amsterdam / 2021

Directing / Andrej Nosov

Set designer

Rich white straight - Der Tragödie zweiter Teil 

Maxim Gorki Theater / 2020

Directing / Branko Janack

Costume designer

Jedermann (stirbt)

Deutsches Theater / 2020

Directing / Data Tavdaze

Set and costume design / Janja Valjarević

Costume design intern

Tappetenwechsel / Turning points

Landesbühne Sachsen / 2020

Cooperation with TU, Berlin

Costume designer with Maria Paula de Oro

Der Frieden / Peace 
Theatre Chemnitz / 2019

Directing / Branko Janack 

Set design /Jan Klammer 

Costume designer 

Jugend Ohne Gott - Youth without god 
Schaubühne Berlin / 2019

Directing / Thomas Ostermeier

Stage design / Jan Pappelbaum

Set design intern 

Die Fledermaus / The bat  

Music school Hans Eisler / Berlin / 2019

Directing / Tilman aus dem Siepen

Set design with Carina Wolf

Eugene Onegin / Puschkin 

Youth Theatre / Novi Sad / 2018

Directing / Boris Liješević

Set designer

The feeling of beard 

Atelje 212 / Belgrade / 2018

Directing / Mia Knežević

Set design / Daniela Dimitrovska

Set design assistant

Photograph 51

Establishment of culture VUK /Belgrade / 2017

Directing / Tara ManiĆ 

Set designer 

Hamlet / Shakespeare

JDP / Belgrade / 2016

Directing / Aleksandar Popovski

Set design / NUMEN + Ivana Jonke

Assistant of set designer 

Dear Yelena Sergeyevna 

Youth theatre / Novi Sad / 2016

Directing / Lana Pavkov

Set designer 

19 Schaffarik street / short film 
Premiere / FEST / Belgrade / 2019
Directing / Lana Pavkov

Production designer with Daniela Dimitrovska

The other line  / Druga linija 

Documentary feature
Beldocx Grand Prix / Belgrade / 2015
 / Nenad Milosevic

Art director / Daniela Dimitrovska

First assistant of art director 

Email /
Berlin / Germany

Novi Sad / Serbia 

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